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Hass - Lee - Melvin

A new and exciting trio consisting of the saxophonist Thomas Hass, the guitarist Søren Lee and the American drummer Brian Melvin saw the light of day during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2023. The music is characterized by Søren Lee's atmospheric and spherical guitar sound, which creates fertile ground for Thomas Hass's lyrical tones. Accompanied by Brian Melvin's colorful and wide-ranging meditative drumming. Their first release will be out in early autumn starting with a series of singles.

Listen to their interpretation of John Coltranes composition LOVE.

Concert: July 5th, 16-18, Black Diamond, Cph. Jazzfestival.

Thomas Hass 6TET

For the first time, Thomas Hass has had the opportunity to assemble a 6TET and he has chosen to put together a group of younger musicians who belong to the absolute greatest talents of their generation, with whom he has played in various groups and recordings over recent years. Line up: Thomas Hass: Tenor og soprano sax, Tomasz Dabrowski: Trumpet, Kasper Wagner: Alto sax, Artur Tuznik: piano, Richard Andersson: bas, Paul Svanberg: drums. The group had its very promising debut April 25th 2024 at Paradise Jazz in Copenhagen with all new material composed by Thomas Hass.

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